special guest

Victor Martinez

Víctor Martínez (born July 29, 1973) is an International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) professional bodybuilder, and the second Dominican bodybuilder to turn professional, the first being Tony Domenench from Puerto Plata, who turned pro in 1995. His career highlights were winning the Arnold Classic in 2007 and finishing runner-up at the 2007 Mr. Olympia. He signed a contract on a sponsorship deal with Maximum Human Performance which also sponsors Michael Kefalianos.

Martínez's career was launched when he competed in the 1997 National Physique Committee (NPC) New York Metro Championships as a light heavyweight, where he placed first. He continued competing in NPC tournaments until 2001, where he competed in his first IFBB tournament, the Night of Champions, where he placed 8th. The following year, in 2002, he competed in his first Arnold Classic, and placed 13th. He also competed in his first Ironman Pro Invitational the same year, placing 9th. In 2003 he went on to Win the Night of Champions.

His first Mr. Olympia came in 2004, where he placed 9th, but he advanced to 5th place in 2005, 3rd place in 2006, and 2nd place in 2007 In 2005 Ronnie Coleman predicted that Martínez would be his successor as Mr. Olympia, although this position is now held by Phil Heath.

In 2007, Martínez took first at the Arnold Classic. Martínez later finished second to Jay Cutler at the 2007 Mr. Olympia contest.